What is REDINED?

REDINED is a network of educational information that includes research documents, innovation projects and educational resources produced in Spain.

Its main objective is to collect educational publications and documents from our country to facilitate their preservation, dissemination and use.

Since its creation in 1985, REDINED has collected thousands of references and full text documents.

Due to its comprehensiveness, REDINED is an essential tool for initial training and further education of teachers and of great value to researchers, students and educational administrators.

What does it contain?

REDINED collects a wide documentary typology grouped into five collections:

  • Research: includes educational research documents such as theses, dissertations, graduation projects, final masters projects, etc. produced by Spanish universities.
  • Innovation: offers innovative educational and pedagogical renewal, and other unpublished materials.
  • Teaching aids: includes varied materials such as guides or manuals, conference proceedings, monographs, reference books, teaching materials and other documents related to teaching.
  • Analytic entries: includes journal articles, book chapters and papers.
  • Indexed journals: contains journals indexed by REDINED. Here we find both commercial educational magazines of great scientific impact and others produced by institutions such as universities, teacher centers, foundations, etc.

Who maintains REDINED?

REDINED was created in 1985 as a collaborative project. Members are the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, through the Subdirectorate General of Citizens Service, Documentation and Publications, along with the councils or departments of education of the autonomous communities that have signed the agreement to join the project.